Electronic information resources

Available sources at the Faculty of Arts:


Descovery service that searches through almost all electronic (and also print) information resources at Charles University.

Access to UKAŽ: https://ukaz.cuni.cz/en 

eResources Portal

This portal gives access to all electronic information resources at available at Charles Universtiy, inlcuding freely available resources and trials.

Access to eResources Portal: https://eresources.cuni.cz/

Access to freely available resources: https://ezdroje.cuni.cz/prehled/?type=volnedostupne&lang=en

Access to trials: https://ezdroje.cuni.cz/prehled/index.php?lang=en&type=freetrials

Note: we recommend you to use the portal for accessing all databases (instead of accessing them from e.g. Google platform).

Part of the eResources Portal are also eJournals Portal and eBooks Portal. Electronic eBooks are available either for online reading, or for downloading or borrowing for offline use.

You can find the information with tutorials about how to access eBooks here.

Note: you can also find some eBooks in the Library Catalog.

Temporarily available resources

For more information, please see a post Handy links during the Closure of Libraries  at the Library website.

Remote access to eResources

There are two ways how to access eResources remotely – through EZproxy server or through Shibboleth institutional login. There is no difference in their functioning – you only need to be authenticated for both of them through CAS – Charles University Authentication Service.

You can find more information about eResources here.

Contact e-mail for eResources: eiz@ff.cuni.cz

If you have any questions regarding electronic resources, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above. You can also reach us at this pohone number: +420 221 619 302