Distance Learning

The Faculty of Arts Library offers its academic workers support for distance learning either through individual consultations or courses.

Teachers have at their disposal various tools for creating e-learning materials, including the most used ones – Moodle, MS Teams, Adobe Connect, Zoom and Turnitin, and others such as Streamservers and Wikisystems.

The Faculty of Arts staff and students can also use a large amount of electronic information resources (EIR) for distance learning. For more information go here.

Basic information

Learn about other e-learning tools here.

You can also find more information on each e-learning tool through the links above or on the web of the Faculty of Arts Library.

Offered courses

There are no training sessions in English currently scheduled. If you are interested in a course on any of the programs, you can request one with the contact below.

Contact e-mail for e-learning: elearning@ff.cuni.cz

If you have any questions regarding e-learning, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above. You can also reach us at this phone number: 221 619 282