Comparison of e-learning tools

Comparison of e-learning tools available at FF UK

 MoodleTurnitinMS TeamsZoomAdobe Connect
Asynchronous teachingyesyesyesnono
Synchronous teachingnonoyesyesyes
Assigning and submitting tasksyesyesyesnono
Testingyesnoyes, with limitsnono
Text communication (forums, chats, etc.)yesnoyesyesyes
Sharing materials, files, linksyesnoyesyes, with limitsyes
Online lecture (video meeting)nonoyesyesyes

Comparison of e-learning tools for online lectures (video meetings)

 MS TeamsZoomAdobe Connect
Cam and microphoneyesyesyes
Maximum number of connected participants300100 (Basic account) / 300 (EDU licence)200
Screen sharingyesyesyes
Text communication (chat)yesyesyes
Polls in the lecturenoyesyes
Lecture recordingyesyesyes
Czech languageyesnoyes
Access via mobile applicationyesyesyes
Breakout roomsno (but it will be soon!)yesyes

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If you have any questions regarding e-learning, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above. You can also reach us at this phone number: 221 619 282