Adobe Connect

ATTENTION, CHANGE! A new automatic reservation system has been launched, through which it is necessary to book all dates of video conferences in Adobe Connect. Read more in the text below.

Adobe Connect is a tool for holding webinars – real time sessions which allow participants to meet together in a virtual room only with their computers and Internet connection.

Access to Adobe Connect:

The use of Adobe Connect tool for live courses has many advantages, starting with the possibility to join a course from a distance.

Another advantage is that the students can play the recording of the course later in case they miss the live session.

The last advantage to point out is the possibility to save PowerPoint presentation in the content library which can be then played by students from their web browser, either on a request or through a link sent via email, SIS, or other ways.

Up to 200 persons can join one online course through Adobe Connect tool.

Automatic reservation system

Adobe Connect is running on high-performance server (32 core CPU, 128 GB RAM). However, with currently more interest in webinars through Adobe Connect, it is possible that the capacity can be used up.

We kindly ask you to book a room (capacity) for holding webinars, indicating a specific date and time. For dates after 1.7.2020, it is already necessary to use the new automatic reservation form:

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