Online Classes

Classes can be held in different ways:

  • Online – real time broadcast
    • Videoconferencing – interactive with feedback from students (MS Teams, Skype, Hangouts)
    • Streaming – one way stream from the presenter to the audience (Youtube).
  • Offline – a pre-recorded lecture shared on the internet (Youtube).

You can also combine online and offline forms by e.g. recording a videoconference and publishing it later on Youtube.

Video Conference

We recommend Microsoft Skype , Google Hangout , Adobe Connect or Microsoft Teams.

This form of class has several advantages.

  • Class is interactive, students may participate and ask questions, and the teacher is able to reply to them.
  • Class can include a presentation and screen sharing of notes or sources.
  • The class can be recorded.

The following paragraphs describe the software tools for online courses, which we reccomed for use.

For video conferences we recommend  Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts, Adobe Connect or Microsoft Teams.


We recommend using smartphones for streaming.

The recommended app for streaming is Youtube.

Classroom with streaming equipment

There is a special classroom with streaming equipment for those who do not have the necessary equipment.

More info here.

Offline lectures

You can put pre-recoded lectures on Youtube, publicly or privately. For private videos, the students need the link to be able to view the video.


General IT requests (installing apps on PCs):
E-mail: , tel.: 221 619 825

Audio/Video equipment:
Martin Hundák
Laboratoř výpočetní techniky
T: + 420 221 619 824, M: + 420 733 676 962