Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a tool mainly for corporate use, for communication and cooperation on projects, or among concrete teams of people. It is an integrated software in Office 365 which is available for free for students and employees of CU, more info here.

There is also a web online version of MS Teams which can be accessed through It works reliably with the Browsers Google Chrome and MS Edge. A desktop app can be downloaded here (it works on PC, MAC, Linux and smart phones).

Microsoft Teams is an app that allows:

  • text based communication
  • Video-calls for up to 250 participants
  • Planning meetings
  • Data archiving space for uploading and storing files + the possibility to work on files in teams
  • Integration of other apps into the software- for example planner which allows for effective planning and distribution of tasks among the members of teams
  • Functions for education of students- giving tasks, tests etc.

Log in to MS Teams

To log in, use your login name followed by (e.g. and your usual password to SIS and CAS.

More informations about accounts in MS Teams are here.

Creation of a Team in MS Teams

A team can be created for you by the Library of FA CU, based on an Email request at In your request you need to specify, if it will be an educational team or if it will be for working amongst colleagues from your department. There are two kinds of teams being created:

  1. Department Teams
    Name of the team is E-learning- Department Name
    In the team options, there are channels for individual courses, the team can be found by the students simply by searching the name.
  2. Single Course teams
    The name of the team is – E-learning- course name
    Students need to be added manually by the teacher, or they need to be sent a code with which they can join the team.

For Teachers

  • each team can have numerous channels (teams can be departments and channels course or teams can be course and channels topics)
  • you can start your own channels by clicking three dots next to the name of the team, Add channel
  • you can create a link to the channel e.g. to send to your students by clicking three dots next to the name of the channel, Get link to channel
  • once you are in a channel, click a camera icon (bottom center) to start or schedule a audio/video meeting
  • in the meeting, you can control the meeting options using a control bar in the lower part of the screen, it allows you to turn on/off your camera/mike, see the list of participants, see the chat, share files, desktop or windows (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation)
  • clicking the three dots on the control bar gives you more options – you can e.g. create a video recording of the whole meeting and share it with others later (you will see the recording in the channel or in Microsoft Stream)
  • you may provide your students with the tutorial above when announcing your talk

Video tutorials

In Czech:

Vzdálená výuka – pro učitele

In English:

Microsoft Teams for Education

Explore how Microsoft Teams can be used in the educational space

Contact e-mail for e-learning:

If you have any questions regarding e-learning, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above. You can also reach us at this phone number: 221 619 282