Turnitin (literally Turn-it-in) is a tool used for a support of academic writing mainly thanks to its interactive feedback features. At the same time, it is used for checking originality of submitted academic texts, and that is why it’s also know as an „anti-plagiarism system“.

As of 1st September 2019, all final academic works submitted in Student Information System are checked for similarities in the Turnitin system in addition to the already used system Theses.

The percentage result of the similarity check of each work must be then individually and thoroughly interpreted because Turnitin shows all possible similarities, even in cases of right quotation use. That means there is no ideal originality score that would indicate when a work is plagiarism and when is not.

Turnitin is also suitable for checking similarities in other, smaller academic works. It can be used for submitting these works, by setting a deadline, and then giving a feedback in so called Feedback Studio. Except for giving the results of a similarity check, it also allows teachers to comment straight in the text or add any notes. Turnitin is also implemented in the e-learning tool Moodle.

Access to Turnitin: https://library.cuni.cz/services/turnitin/

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