Software package Moodle is used for creating learning courses on the Internet. There are currently four central installations at Charles University:

  1. Moodle for University Courses 1 is used for free e-learning at Charles University, users must have an affiliation with Charles University.
  2. Moodle for University Courses 2 is used the same as Moodle for University Courses 1 and is intended to relief the system load.
  3. Moodle for Lifelong Learning serves for running ligelong learning courses out of the University curriculum. These courses might have an additional fee.
  4. Moodle for Hosting Courses is used for running commercial courses outside of Charles University. The operation are charged.

Access to Moodle:

Moodle can be used as an additional feature for courses to make it easier for teachers to share materials for the course to its students. At the same time, Moodle can be used for creating an only e-learning course for distance learning form.

Moodle is a tool which easily allows to create structured lessons, share materials and other assignments, as well as to help students to get acquinted with each sbject and deadlines for assignments, but also to let them track their marks.

You can create sections in your course (e.g. for each subject discussed in your course or for every week of your course). In each section, you can add various materials (such as PowerPoint presenations, bibliographies, URLs) or e.g. assignments in sundry forms in differenct deadlines.

In addition, Moodle lets you to create tests that students can undertake in Moodle interface. There are many types of tests that you can make, which some of them can evaluate the answers and give students the results straigthaway.

Contact e-mail for e-learning:

If you have any questions regarding e-learning, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address above. You can also reach us at this pohone number: 221 619 282